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Video Games

2009-12-29 15:49:35 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

Excuse my Absence, I've been busy with other things >D

Anyone have a good christmas? all my presents were...unexpected, but they were cool...I got a Snuggie...epic...It's Kingdom Hearts themed, I laughed long time...From my daddio by the way :3

speaking of video games, this past month I've been busy with them, wich is a good thing. I always feel at home with video games, I like it

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was released, wich I don't understand why every reviewer hated it, it's a decent game, i for one LIKE the challenge of not have a weapon, this game actually FREAKS YOU OUT...thats the point of Horror games, but since completely steered of the path of SH 1 & 3 i guess nobody got it :(

I found out that American Mcgee's sequal to ALICE is scheduled fo 2011...shit that's far off... D< I want it naow

ALSO, anyone here find it kind of wierd the KH birth by sleep is being released jan 9th? I mean, 358/2 days was released back in Sep, WAY to soon in my opinion anyway...what sucks the most is that it's being released on the PSP originally...I could of dealt with the ps3, but Hand helds really take away the quality of it...from what I've expierenced

But, I shall turn away from that and welcome the new year with a grin, have a Happy new Year, all :)

Video Games


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2009-12-29 16:22:04

lol i am busy playing video games also :D

Ookami-Digital-Wolf responds:

Always fun, yes?


2009-12-29 21:36:35

Lmfao, both my sister and mother gave each other Snuggies. Lols were had in the house.

I've been busy with veedeyah gaimz, but mostly older ones that have bonerrific replay value.