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For You're Entertainment

2009-09-28 12:04:42 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

FYE's Anime Spectacular was yesterday

As dumb as the name makes it sound...it was pretty awesome :'D





I OWNED that game of charades man, i was the best actor there >D there was some awesome cosplayers there too! like Shadow The Hegdhog and Tails! I gave them hugs :) We also met another Junjou Fangirl SHE WAS COOL...The Trivia was awesome too! SUE USED US XD She pretty much gave us the answers and we got prizes! Ha! LOVE YOU LONG TIME SUE :3

Freezedansen was awesome as well, pretty much we had to caramelldansen, and everytime the music stopped (provided by sue) we had to freeze...FIRST ROUND WAS OWNED BY ME (I got a free akatsuki towel)

Second...not so much...

anywho, I once again lost the drawing contest to Shadow...

oh well, WAS AWESOME, video will be up soon


KH 358/2 coming out this tuesday...WOOHOO

I've been a patient lil' fangirl....I saw the guide for it the other night, loved the beautiful picture of Roxas in there, I'm not gonna need it, but I'll get the guide since it's got pretty art in there... I have a STRONG feeling that I'm gonna hate Xion, ALOT...

pfff...Neon, Out

For You're Entertainment


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2009-10-04 18:01:39

So how was Disney?

Ookami-Digital-Wolf responds:


Went on the Winnie the Pooh ride for you...