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2009-08-17 21:49:40 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

So saturday I predict will be a good day Hopefully :D I get to go see some friends of mine, and I GET TO GO SEE PONYO! I've been waiting for MONTHS to see that D< But sadly, it has the stench of NEW Disney ALL over it...Now, I'm a HUUUUGE Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli fan, I'm talking bout' BEFORE I knew what anime was...And I know that They're movies are well known for they're Mystical, Peaceful, Adventurous feel. But of course When Disney steps in, you know we're in for a whole lotta shit. Now I have nothing against overdub voices, but what they did to the theme song was the musical equivalent to massacre. Don't know what I'm saying? Here's the Japanese version, some may think it's annoying, but it portrays the movie a hell of alot better than this American crap...Sorry to rant, but this just sucks D<

Oh well...I have NOTHING against the singers or America, I'm quite blessed to live here :D but it still sucks how the media acts today~



2009-08-05 01:16:15 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf


Anywho, went to Anime Fest, bunches of fun, i hugged pedo bear...so now i can die happy :D

I look forward to EXP con in oct. I think i'll go as puppy Shuichi ...Fun :3


lol you suck

2009-07-21 16:57:40 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

Wow...within a span of 30 minutes i had already gotten about 9 hate comments calling me a "weeaboo" a term i'm not very familier with. i'm not used to such a term because i've never taken the the time to type such annoying words as "kawaii desu" and other words that desparetly NEED to stay in japan. I'm quite proud to be a little cuban girl and would never wish to change my nationality, but these FACTS do not change the other FACT that i LOVE to read Manga, watch Anime, and play nintendo. And in my opinion, doing such things make me happy, like the things that you may enjoy. i do not wish to change others and would never wish to change myself. so the next time you over react in such a manner just because someone does not have the same interest as yourself, it's none of your buisness to call them such idiotic names.

I will admit, I was Offended, only because i was verbally bullied by bunch of people who are supposedly "older" than me. But the more i thought about it the more better i felt that a 13 year old girl is alot more mature then a bunch of idiot 16 to 25 year old guys (and maybe some girls were in the mix). Bye Bye :)

lol you suck


2009-07-19 23:18:07 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

I'm getting a bit obsessed with star fox, I dunno why. Maybe it has something to do with the new game i just got...DARN YOU STAR FOX COMMAND AND STRATEGICAL CHALLENGES! I even made the pic below in less that 5 minutes... Bah...Fox McCloud is still as cool as he was when i was 4 years old :)



2009-07-15 01:32:56 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

Anime Fest Orlando is coming, and i'm going...I've finally managed to pull together a cosplay group, The theme as it stands now, is "Junjou Romantica" So far we have three people going, Me (as Akihiko) ,Kitsune (as Aikawa) Koke (as...we don't know yet...) We could really use a Misaki, But I'm not sure Koke will do it :/

Bah, anywho, I'm pretty excited for he con, and the fun that can ensue there....I'm saving up for a yaoi paddle when I do get it, Elvis, you are the first I am to punish....

That's all, I'll try to keep you up with the Cosplay progress, though i really don't care for my newgrounds page...



Junjo Romantica's coming to America in 2010, i will tell you this much...I peed my pants a lil' at the news, and i sqealed like a little fan girl through out my home...only a show like Junjou Romantica could make me do that...The only reason i'm not over using my "!"'s here is because newgrounds has a rather Rough community that i'm not fond of so ya...Huzzah! I can't help but wonder if they're taking auditions for overdubbing, I'd love to play the part of Misaki...but i could do Aikawa since she's a pretty spaztic person :3 Well, if I DO audition wish me luck~!

I also can't help but wonder if They'll translate the game... Oh, That would make my...can't say life...maybe a good portion of it :D

Offcial english website is Here

I'm exited, nuff said

Fourtha July!

2009-07-04 01:47:56 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

Happy Fourth of July everyone, Let us celebrate when this idiot of a country was made, Shall we?

But Hey...

atleast we have Cookies...


All fear Domo...

Fourtha July!

Yay? I'm just bored so NG seemed to be entertaining at the moment...not really, but i'm a bit exited about an upcoming convention in orlando, One of the best voice actors know to anime is going to be there! you guessed it! The almighty Vic Mignogna! I've seen YouTube vids of his panels, and they seem pretty fun, hopefully i can get him to say everyones favorite line: "Mustang is dead sexy!...In a miniskirt" ....hopefully! or maybe tell the donut story! Aaron Dismuke (his partner in crime...or voice acting) is also coming! i already have a cosplay in mind so that i'm prepared for :D Now i just need to save up for a yaoi paddle and a panda hat!

Orlando Anime Festival, Be ready!

Whut Whut? I logged in?

Breath in, Breath out....

2009-06-21 23:49:50 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

Kay, since this is pretty similer, i'm going to treat my newgrounds just like my deviant art page, so I'm gonna copy my journal from there, to here. But lemme explain that the journal before that, that I vented bout' this whole big circumstance were i could'nt go to a convention cuz' of my dumbass church...

"I feel alot better after awhile when i vent on a journal, I try not to complain or do it to much, but my life's not perfect so...ya, it'll happen~ Hey, many moon's from now, crap may get in the way of my big plans, and i won't like it...but I do my best to deal with it....

but, my mom felt sad about metrocon though too, especially when Kitsune Called today, but before that on saturday we of course went to church for that VBS nonsense...you can only imagine how happy i was to get up at 7 am on a saturday, to walk around a campus to video tape people decorating classrooms like a jungle >D

After that, we went to a mall, we checked out a couple of things in Godiva -omg they're chocolate is so frikken deliciouse- then we had lunch in the california pizza kitchen. on our way to the Apple store (iMac for you dumbasses out there XD) we made a couple of stops, first to walden books, i checked a few frequently talked about books, but couldnt find the one called "Animal Farm" D< then (of course) headed to the manga :D but i was throughly dissapointed...barely anything in they're shelves, hell, I COULD'NT EVEN FIND GRAVITATION D: but then we went to our next stop...

Hot Topic -yush- but unlike usual nothing all that intristing, alot of funny T-Shirts and so of those HUGE jingly pants i want :E but more or less, it was unlike all my usual trips to hot topic~ were i usualy find stuff I really REALLY want >:P

Then we went to build a bear workshop, -we'r planning to go there with alot of my friends to make teddy's just for fun XD- What I find funny is that they're RIGHT next to hot topic XD that's priceless

Then finally the apple store, so awesome, I got a secksy new laptop -of course if i do well with summer home-school, it'll be fully mine and i get to add memory on to it- :D


Sunday! I get out of bed to be greeted with a call from Kit-chan (Kitsune) about metro-con ~slash through my sanity and heart~ then i handed the phone of for our mom's to discuss the day. Turns out, she got to come over and hang with us for a bit~!

after the pool we went up to the apartment and goofed with my laptop, while i was checking through my deviant messages, she read my Junjou Romantica vol.8, well, more like flipped through it XD i think it's my fault she -sorta- likes yaoi, but it's only cuz i introduced her to some AWESOME show's like Gravitation har har~! we also watched the first 2 eppy's of junjou, HEH HEH! I'M MAGIC 8D

so, throughout the day, we messed with my cam, so hopefully I can edit some video soon!


Ookami, out"

Breath in, Breath out....

I'm a bit curious

2009-06-18 18:32:15 by Ookami-Digital-Wolf

I understand i can post art up here now, Buuuuuuuut is my art exceptional to the newgrounds community? It seems my styles a bit plain when it comes to newgrounds so i'm not quite sure what i can and can't post~ I'd love to post a few things from my other page but i'm not sure if i can, i'm still nervous from posting the 2 pics i did post~

but thanks Elvis for helping my picture get recommended, you win, and you know it

I'm a bit curious